The Metronome That Swings

What it is The Metronome That Swings
It is a double CD with 39 tracks representing 39 different tempi
from 40 to 168 beats per minute.

This double CD features a "swing count" ("1 an 2 an" etc.)
with a drum track playing swing rhythm.

FOR: Teachers who want to help students learn to practice correctly at home.
FOR: Bandleaders who want band-members to be able to secure their rhythmic performance techniques on their own.
FOR: Students who need help establishing and maintaining a steady swing rhythm.
FOR: Anyone who wants to practice with swing percussion to keep a steady tempo.

CAN BE USED: with any music with a swing rhythm!

---- Tracy Lovley NCTM (Nationally Certified Teacher of Music),
This is an awesome tool for making metronome practice more fun! I really like this and found it helpful for myself. I am recommending this to my students and using it in my studio. It's a great cost-effective way of helping students learn blues, swing, jazz and pop at the lesson or at home.